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GDU is a mastermind for garage door business owners. We have different types of groups. We have a startup group for companies that are young and ready to grow. We have groups with businesses that range from under a million in revenue all the way to $5 – $6 million annually. 

Depending on the group, most meet weekly for one hour. We also have 1 – 2 in person meetings annually. Each group has about 5 – 7 people each. Most meetings are in the late afternoon early evening depending on time zone. 

If you want to be a better leader of your people and grow your business, this is the group. We discuss challenges and how to overcome them, provide resources, accountability, and a concierge to assist you as needed. 

We also bring in teachers on specific topics. 

GDU is dedicated to providing a great environment for learning and decision making. We’re built to enable you to be a better leader to your people. The investment to join is $1,000 monthly. If you’re a startup, we offer access to the group for $500. 

If you want to grow. Yes
If you can make group meetings. Yes
If you can learn and contribute. Yes
If you want access to tons of knowledge within the group. Yes
If you want to be a better leader. Yes

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