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About Ryan Lucia

Ryan Lucia has been a leader in sales and marketing since 1999 when he started his career at a car dealership. He was trained by some of the best of the best, including Grant Cardone and Jim Verde. Ryan listened to Grant’s 85 Closes, realizing there are many stages to the sales process and different strategies depending on the client.

Growing in these skills, Ryan was put in charge of 20 – 30 people older and more experienced than him. But they hit numbers the dealership had never seen before. He accomplished raising gross profit to numbers that seemed impossible to management and peers. During this time, Ryan learned that the key was finding the right people, then training them with the skills he needed.

Ryan refined those salesmanship and management skills in his next career move. At the age of 26, Ryan accepted a position as a salesperson for an early-stage startup software company. Because of his success in sales, he was promoted to management and quickly developed a top-performing sales team exceeding expectations and goals. Ryan exited the software company as the Executive Sales Director and was responsible for 15 – 20 million in sales.

Ryan prides himself on his ability to relate to people and change negative connotations about sales through a relational, non-pressure approach. He loves to help fellow business owners through sales training and consulting to develop new skills and make their businesses more successful. If you need advice about sales and marketing or need new tactics to grow your home service company, Ryan is ready to talk!

Ryan is also a contributor to Forbes. See his profile here: Ryan Lucia Forbes