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As a business owner, it can seem like you’re playing whack-a-mole. We get one thing figured out and two more pop up. We’re constantly chasing issues and find ourselves spinning in circles, struggling to know our place. This is not the best version of yourself! As a matter of fact, Ryan can relate. He’s owned multiple businesses and coached many business owners into finding the freedom to grow their business without being weighed down by them. His direct but compassionate approach helps business owners really find the answers they’re seeking. 

Ryan has a strong background in sales, marketing, culture, and business. Ryan’s real-life experience will provide you with confidence and encouragement. If you’re a business owner in the home services industry and you’re seeking a trusted consultant with proven results, Ryan would love to speak with you to see if he can help. 

Vendors & Suppliers

Ryan works with vendors and suppliers. Ryan has a proven background of B2B sales and marketing strategies. Ryan lead a sales team that grow a company from 1 million in annual revenue to $25 million in annual revenue in 5 short years. If you’re considering a strategy to gain marketshare in the door industry, Ryan can help with your strategy and execution.

About Ryan

Ryan Lucia is a family man with a diverse business background. Over the last 20 years, he has honed his skills in sales, management, and marketing by working in a variety of industries including automotive, software, and home services. He has developed the unique ability to relate to people and change negative connotations about sales with a relational, non-pressure approach. Through his consulting services, you’ll be able to get the advice you need to increase the monetary success of your business and create excitement for the company’s future within your team. 

Ryan has also been chosen to be a contributor for Forbes. See his profile here: Ryan Lucia Forbes