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Sales Training

Are you looking at your books trying to figure out where the money is going? Do you deserve a raise, but can’t give yourself one because you can’t afford it? There are two ways to solve the problem of not having the money you want to see for your business. The first is to cut everywhere you can, and the second is to raise sales numbers. We believe the best answer is increasing sales numbers, and we want to help you make that happen. 

Why You Should Work With Ryan Lucia to Increase Your Sales

Ryan Lucia has been a leader in sales since 1999 when he started his career at an automotive dealership. He was trained by some of the best of the best, including Grant Cardone and Jim Verde. Ryan was dedicated and listened to Grant’s 85 Closes and realized there are many stages to the sales process as well as different strategies depending on the client.

Ryan was in his early twenties and was put in charge of 20 – 30 people all of which were older than him. They hit numbers the dealership had never seen before. He accomplished raising gross profit to numbers that seemed impossible to management and peers. Ryan learned that the key was finding the right people that he could train with the skills he needed.

Ryan refined those salesmanship and management skills in his next career move. At the age of 26, Ryan accepted a position as a salesperson for an early-stage startup software company. Because of his success in sales, he was promoted to management and quickly developed a top-performing sales team exceeding expectations and goals. Ryan exited the software company as the Executive Sales Director and was responsible for 15 – 20 million in sales.

Ryan has the unique ability to relate to people and change negative connotations about sales. Ryan teaches sales in a relational, non-pressure approach. The results of Ryan’s training will more than pay for themselves monetarily but also boost morale and create excitement within your team.

What Is Our Sales Training?

Ryan has a 1 – 2 day training program that is in person at your location. This in-person training is to build rapport and gain trust. Once trust is established, which typically happens quickly, we begin breaking down the “cheap mindset” and teaching the different types of buyers/shoppers. By the end of the 1 – 2 days, your team will be able to identify which type of buyer they are working with and how to present options properly.

Ryan also offers ongoing sales training via Zoom and recommends an annual refresher in person. 

Training Includes:

  • Residential New Door Sales
  • Residential Service Sales

We will cover the entire sales process including presentation, building value, discovery, product knowledge, and closing.

In-person sales training packages start at $8,000 plus travel expenses. Ryan only accepts 10 – 14 new clients per year. If you are interested, complete the form below.


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