Garage Door U Summit 2023

Join us on the island

Date: Sept 12 – 15th
Lake Lanier Island (Near Atlanta GA)
Agenda to be announced soon
The focus is sales & marketing


Jesse Itzler
Never Accept “No”
Sebastian LeBlanc
Sales Strategy
Ryan Lucia
Marketing & Sales
Sandler Training
Todd Price
Social Media

Use Coupon Code: imearlyyo


Learn and get spoiled! $4630
Sept 12 – 16th

  • Diamond dinner
  • Exclusive round table
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Resort Room Included
  • Boat party
  • Top Golf
  • Fishing tournament
  • Jesse Itzler Meet & Greet
  • Transportation to & from airport
  • A BUNCH of swag
  • Ice bath experience
  • Attend sessions and keynote


Learn and get spoiled less for $4080
Sept 12 – 16th

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Resort Room Included
  • Boat Party
  • Top Golf
  • Fishing Tournament
  • Transportation to & from airport
  • Less swag
  • Attend sessions and keynote
  • Ice bath experience


Just Learn For $2975
Sept 12 – 15th

  • Resort Room Included
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • A little bit of swag
  • Attend sessions

Agenda Coming Soon

We will see you on the island!

If you’re a GDU member please use the coupon code for 20% off.

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What is GDU?

GDU is a mastermind for garage door business owners. We have different types of groups. We have a startup group for companies that are young and ready to grow. We have groups with businesses that range from under a million in revenue all the way to $8 million annually. 

How And When Do You Meet?

Depending on the group, most meet weekly for one hour. We also have 1 – 2 in-person meetings annually. Each group has about 6 – 10 people. Most meetings are in the late afternoon or early evening depending on the time zone. 

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