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Ryan Lucia

Ryan Lucia


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Ryan Lucia is a dynamic entrepreneur and a lifelong student of marketing, sales, and leadership. Leaving behind a corporate career to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams, Ryan founded Aaron Overhead Doors, an endeavor that not only exemplified his business acumen but also his dedication to building a customer-focused company. Recognizing the need for effective marketing in his own venture, Ryan started a digital marketing agency, Such n Such Media.

His journey didn’t stop there. Ryan’s passion for sharing knowledge and fostering leadership in the garage door industry led to the inception of the Torsion Talk Podcast. This platform has become a beacon for industry insights, leadership advice, and community engagement. Building on this momentum, Ryan launched Garage Door U following the success of the Virtual Door Dealer Conference, a pioneering virtual event he organized for industry professionals in the wake of COVID.

Ryan’s impressive business portfolio includes two 7-figure companies, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and astute business strategies. His thoughts have been featured in Forbes, further solidifying his status as an innovative business leader.
But what truly sets Ryan apart is his “culture-first” leadership philosophy. He firmly believes that a great workplace culture is the cornerstone of outstanding results. This philosophy is not just a business strategy for Ryan; it’s a way of life that permeates every aspect of his ventures.

Away from the hustle of business, Ryan is an ardent fan of Georgia Bulldogs football and the Atlanta Braves. He cherishes spending quality time with his family, an aspect of his life that keeps him grounded and motivated. As a person who loves to grow things, whether it’s nurturing a team or expanding a business, Ryan finds immense satisfaction in the process of building and evolving.
Ryan Lucia is more than just an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary who is constantly seeking new horizons, dedicated to both his personal growth and the growth of those around him.

Steve Sims

“The Modern Day Wizard Of Oz”

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Ryo Zsun [Ree-yōh Sun]

The Culture Maestro

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The Culture Maestro
Bio: Ryo Zsun started his journey with the Zappos Family in 2012, as a barista in the Z’café, WOW-ing our Zapponians by serving the finest Zappoccinos.
In 2013, Ryo took the opportunity to move from the Z’café to the extraordinary world of The Zappos Customer Loyalty Team. Here, he was able to use his skills in the call center with his ability to connect with people, making customer interactions a “WOW” experience.

A year later, Ryo’s journey took a fascinating turn as he assumed the role of “The Culture Maestro.” At the heart of the Zappos Headquarters in downtown Las Vegas, he became the ambassador of the Zappos Culture.
Welcoming guests from across the globe as a culture tour Guide, Ryo would take visitors on a guided, immersive tour of the Zappos campus, sharing the unique company culture, the core values, and customer service that defines the Zappos Experience.
Present day, Ryo Zsun continues to be an advocate to inspire others as a passionate ambassador sharing his passion for company culture and customer experience beyond the Zappos Headquarters, gracing various speaking events across the world with his insights of how a strong company culture can create great customer service experiences and lead to brand strength.
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Past venues Ryo has presented to click here



April 20 – 23

  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Education
  • Hotel Room April 20 -23rd
  • Zappos Field Trip
  • Q&A
  • Panel Discussion

All In

April 20 – 23

  • Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
  • Education
  • Hotel Room April 20 -23rd
  • Zappos Field Trip
  • Q&A
  • Panel Discussion
  • All In Dinner @ Strat
  • Exclusive Q&A W/ Steve Sims
  • Exclusive Q&A W/ Ryo
  • Exclusive Entertainment

All In Plus Breakfast With Steve Sims

April 20 – 23

  • Breakfast W/ Steve Sims


We will see you in Las Vegas!

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What is GDU?

GDU is a mastermind for garage door business owners. We have different types of groups. We have a startup group for companies that are young and ready to grow. We have groups with businesses that range from under a million in revenue all the way to $8 million annually. 

How And When Do You Meet?

Depending on the group, most meet weekly for one hour. We also have 1 – 2 in-person meetings annually. Each group has about 6 – 10 people. Most meetings are in the late afternoon or early evening depending on the time zone. 

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