What is Garage Door U? - Garage Door U

What is Garage Door U?

Garage Door U was put together by Ryan Lucia from Torsion Talk Podcast and Such n Such Media. It’s a group of owners and managers that want to network and become better leaders at work and home. We meet every week and discuss challenges and hold each other accountable to our goals. We have a strict one hour timeline so everyone can get back to implementing the changes. 

Occasionally we bring in guest speakers that are authors, home service companies, etc to bring different perspective. 

Our meetings are held weekly in the afternoons. We have different groups based on location, size, and needs. 

We do not accept everyone. These groups are small and we only want business owners who are committed long term and ready to apply changes in their business. 

The investment is based on your revenue. Under 1 million in revenue pays $350 monthly. Over a million in annual revenue pays $500 monthly. Startup is $160 monthly but we meet with startup groups once monthly instead of every week.

*this is subject to change

If you don’t know, you probably shouldn’t join. This group is not for the weak or faint of heart. If you have goals, we will hold you accountable. This is not a short term commitment. 

The “why” is different for everyone but it boils down to the fact that we will be focused on making you a better leader and improving your companies growth.